Cap Expand Partners 8ly8a68ttdbck5iv4t2svtcmh How to Achieve Sustainable Growth | Panel Discussion - August 5, 2021 News Event hosted by Sergio

August 5, 2021 – August 5, 2021 – Online event

About this event

Join our live online panel discussion with leading international industry experts in scaling businesses.

We’ll discuss strategies to:
► Expand to new markets and geographies
► Design sustainable sales processes and go-to-market strategies
► Implement technology to generate more leads
► Fund and value investments and connect with investors
► Develop the right mindset and skills to reach your full potential

Join our free online panel discussion on Thursday, August 05, 2021 at 2PM EST / 11AM PT / 8PM CEST at Clubhouse (see link below).

We invite you to ask questions, share your story and join our discussion on realizing sustainable growth.

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This event will take place on Clubhouse. If you're not yet a member, download the app on your smartphone and message Sarah Sommerauer to receive an invitation.