Marketing Infrastructure + Outsourced Marketing Manager

Raise Capital More Efficiently With Better Marketing

Outbound marketing communications using digital analytics and automation to identify higherprobability opportunities while simultaneously tracking and managing overall interest.

Cap Expand Partners Fun-Managers-1 Marketing Infrastructure + Outsourced Marketing Manager Expand Business Financing


Family Office List brings Managers direct access to 3,000+ offices and 6,000+ contacts worldwide.


The majority of managers struggle with unlocking the database’s full potential:
CRM infrastructure, targeted campaigns, and a strategic marketing plan are
lacking – all detrimental to creating meaningful engagement and developing
trust with LPs.


Capital+’s Outsourced Marketing Manager covers all of your digital outbound
marketing communications. Using digital analytics and automation, higherprobability opportunities are identified while tracking and managing LP

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • CRM Management
  • Weekly Marketing Strategy Meetings
  • Lead Scoring & Pipeline Management
  • Campaign Management (online & offline)
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Tracking Installation & Daily Reporting
  • Automated Alerts & Response Set-Up
  • Training Sessions & Technical Support