Need help refinancing to create liquidity or want to optimize your costs?

We raise capital across a range of situations, including refinancing of existing debt and dividend recapitalizations.

Advantages include:

  • Optimized financing costs
  • Increased shareholder liquidity
  • Solutions to upcoming debt repayments
  • Access to alternative sources of capital

We develop tailored financing structures and provide different financing solutions based on your needs.

We have relationships with banks and (non-bank) lenders to find the right capital partners with attractive terms for owners seeking to refinance their business.

Non-bank financing

Companies constantly go through inflection points that require capital – making acquisitions, buying out a partner, building new facilities, expanding into new markets…the list goes on.

Naturally, the first place to turn for capital is your existing bank. The capital is relatively inexpensive and you’ve had a relationship with your account manager for years.

But where can you turn if your bank, or even multiple bank lenders, say no?  Does this mean that it isn’t possible to finance growth capital?

No, there are other options. Non-bank capital alternatives have become a prevalent funding source for private businesses when banks either: 1) say no, or 2) won’t provide all of the capital the business needs.

We are in touch with non-bank / alternative capital providers. Each business is unique and requires a capital structure that meets the needs of the business and its shareholders.

Want to discuss growth financing options? Contact us.