How Cap Expand Partners Helps Online Marketing Companies

In an age of digitalization, the adage “change is the only constant” applies more than ever. Companies need to reposition themselves to compete in the digital era. This process requires a shift in strategic priorities and an adaption of existing business models. It may also demand a merger with or acquisition of other companies to benefit from their talent stock (acqui-hires).

As a corporate finance company, Cap Expand Partners actively uses data to analyze industry dynamics. We test the market’s pulse, build models to predict behaviors, optimize throughput and automate processes. Connectivity enables us to deliver client results more effectively.

M&A and marketing networks

Over the last several years, acquisitions have been dominated by private equity, and by marketing and consultancy services firms. For large marketing and communication networks, M&A is a key strategic tool, helping catalyze growth by incorporating the latest insights into established operations. Digital entrepreneurs often seek partnerships with major organizations. The prospect of increasing their geographic reach, strengthening their capabilities, enhancing their offerings, and expanding their clientele is enticing. Yet this may come at the expense of their core competency, their passion, and even their identity. Finding the right partner is therefore of paramount importance.

Cap Expand Partners’ industry insights suggest that many consolidators acquire businesses that contribute towards expanding their service offerings. Their acquisition strategy seeks to add vigor and scope to their client relationships. We foresee a continued acceleration in cross-border M&A activity involving online marketing companies.

Cap Expand Partners provides M&A and financing solutions to business owners, managers, and sponsors. Our long experience working with leading organizations and collaborating with operating partners on key transactions enables us to speak our clients’ language and to work more effectively with them.

Trends influencing online marketing

To stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the online marketing space, Cap Expand Partners recently conducted an insightful market study including input from several key industry players.

Market convergence helps drive the digital marketing sector. Creative agencies support firms in combining their technology, strategy, and creativity. All the building blocks for success are now linked together. Convergence increases the potential for integrated marketing agencies.

Another important trend is internet and mobile migration. The time we spend on our smartphones and on the internet continues to grow. This increase in digital consumption affects customers’ shopping behavior and creates new opportunities for market players.

Data and marketing

Targeted and personalized advertisement experiences are a trending practice. Digital platforms enable brands to connect to precisely defined, highly desired customers. Digital advertising allows for targeted one-to-one engagement between brands and consumers. This form of engagement leads to enhanced brand loyalty. As a consequence, data-driven marketing trends have accelerated. As consumers become more demanding, it is vital to understand their needs based on data. The effectiveness of marketing initiatives must be monitored, tracked, and managed with relevant metrics, including ROI.

Where we come in to play

Cap Expand Partners provides professional corporate finance services. We help our clients make informed investment and financing decisions. In our fast-paced digital world, finding the right strategic or financial partner can be a critical success factor, and we look forward to getting to know you and your business. Let’s connect and see where we can deliver extra value for your business. Fill in your contact details to receive the full report.

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