Direct Investment

Independent Sponsor Financing

We support independent (or fundless) sponsors raising debt and equity to support new acquisitions and direct investments.

The independent sponsor model is a novelty concept and is gaining traction among European investors who seek a more flexible, targeted, and cost-efficient way to build a private equity portfolio.

Who are independent sponsors?

Independent sponsors are experienced industry executives or private equity managers who acquire companies without a dedicated fund to invest from.

Many talented executives and professionals have gravitated towards this model. It represents an opportunity to apply their skill sets with a higher degree of autonomy than working as employees.

We've developed a focused effort tailored to the unique needs of independent or fundless sponsors.

What we offer to independent sponsors

Embracing the independent sponsor model, we raise debt and equity for acquisitions on a deal-by-deal basis while aiming to accelerate the financing process and protect sponsor economics and fees.

We strive to deliver competitive, flexible capital solutions with the right capital partners to support both the new acquisition and growth of the business.

How we work with independent sponsors

We provide preliminary feedback and insights about acquisition financing options to help independent sponsors:

  • Quickly determine viability and expected capital structure options for a transaction
  • Show a seller or its investment bank advisor that the sponsor’s acquisition financing alternatives have been vetted and are viable
  • Provide financing solutions that minimize the time sponsors spend raising capital for new acquisitions
  • Run a coordinated process that aims to protect the independent sponsor's economics

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Management Buyouts

Making the transition from employee to business owner is a complex one that often requires assistance from capital partners.

Management teams trust us to deliver competitive, flexible capital solutions with the right partners to support both the management buyout and future growth of the business.

Management Buyout Financing

We structure and source financing for management teams seeking to buyout existing shareholder groups. By raising debt and equity for management buyout transactions, we offer financing solutions for experienced operating and finance professionals.

We strive to deliver management buyout financing solutions based on the needs and resources of the acquisition team.

While both the management team and capital providers' interests need to be aligned, in many cases, we're able to provide financing options where management relies solely on external capital providers and contributes little to no cash to the transaction.

Advantages of working with us include

  • An optimized capital structure
  • Access to supportive and matching capital providers
  • Beneficial terms and conditions relating to equity ownership, incentive plans, and management contracts

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